This Black History Month, Take a Youth to see the Black Panther Movie Campaign #BHMCampaigns

The campaign is a social movement of, by and for people of all colours that share the desire for truth, equality, justice for all and the end of racism.  After all no matter the colour we are one family. Therefore let us come together this Black History Month (BHM) and make it the start of a new era by combining our resources, energy, and efforts and make Black Panther the biggest Marvel Universe movie blockbuster ever.  All that is required is for us to turn out in such massive numbers on February 15th, that the world will have to stop and take notice.


Wear a Black Ribbon during Black History month campaign

Wear a Black ribbon during Black History Month. A simple and powerful way to raise awareness, show Unity and add your voice to the struggles against racism. Wear yours with pride!


What better time for us to make history, than during Black History Month!