Black Panther movie fundraiser for Toronto youth gets blockbuster response

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A crowd-funding drive to send hundreds of Toronto black youths to a free screening of the upcoming Black Panther movie has had a blockbuster response from donors.

Excitement is growing for the Marvel film based on the comic of the same name — the first to feature a black superhero in the lead. The movie’s trailer alone had 89 million views in the first day it went online. And it’s sold the more presale tickets in the first 24 hours than any other Marvel movie.

But for Andray Domise, Black Panther, which hits the big screen Feb 16is more than a movie.

“He’s a huge inspiration to me,” said Domise, a writer and advocate who’s highly visible in in Toronto’s black community. “In the comic book industry, especially in the 80s when I grew up, you really didn’t have a lot of characters you could identify with as a black person.”

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Here’s how you can win a ticket to see Black Panther on Feb 17th, 2018 at Yorkdale.

In order to get a ticket to the movie, Black youth will need to enter the contest: Why I’m Excited to See Black Panther, and let the BBPA know in 500 words or less what seeing Black Panther on screen means to them. Entries can be videos, cos play, pictures, or essays and can be single entries or group (maximum 10 people per group). Contest is open to youth ages 12-25 (if contest winner is a minor, a ticket will be provided for their parent/guardian to attend with them).

Free Ticket Link

The contest runs from Jan 15th 9:00 am est. to Jan 29th 9:00 pm est.  (please note, only entries submitted during the contest period are eligible)


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