Frequently asked Questions

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How will money raised be used

Monies raised through our ad sales, GoFundMe and other forms of fundraising will be used to further the campaign’s objectives.  Such as:

  • Provide free tickets to youths in other cities
  • Place ads in community newspapers and radio broadcast to promote awareness of the campaigns
  • Support organizations, groups and individuals with their “Take a Youth to see Black Panther initiatives
  • Posters, flyers etc

Please note, all organizations, groups etc are encouraged to do their own fundraising (GoFundMe, ETC) and are solely responsible for the funds they raised. However, they will have to account for any funds we give them to help offset the cost of free tickets to youth in their area.

Post your BHM initiative to this website

Minimum requirements

  • Feature Image
  • Descriptive Title
  • One or more paragraphs about your initiatives


What is the purpose of the BHM Campaign?

The purpose of the BHM Campaign are as follows:

  • Inspire, educate and motivate our youths
  • Unite the community
  • Add new narratives to  Black History Month dialogue
  • Send a message – create positive entertainment, etc and we will support it

Further information can be found here


Who can participate

Anyone, anywhere can participate in the campaign.

Who is organizing the campaigns

The “Campaigns” was initially started by a Windsor group. However, anyone anywhere is encouraged to organize their own Black history month Black Panther initiative. It is not about those who started it, but about those who got involved that will determine the success of the overall campaign.

Why should we wear a Black Ribbon

Wearing a black ribbon during Black History Month is a simple and powerful way to raise awareness, show Unity and add your voice to the struggle against racism. Wear yours with pride!



Note: The black ribbon is a non copyrighted image that can be used freely around the world as an awareness-raising tool.


It’s About us, It’s About Unity and It’s About Time!