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The moment I saw the Black Panther movie trailer I knew I had to see it. When I realized that it will be making its’ cinematic debut during Black History Month (BHM), I had a vision of it being used as powerful catalyst and a good focal point for us to rally around.

Smart Goals

Specific GOAL: On February 15th, using the Black Panther movie as a catalyst bring together/unite those of us that would like to see an end to racism and in so doing send a strong message to the world that yes we can come together in unity, peace and harmony.

Measurable: We will measure the effectiveness of the BHM campaign through total number of Black Panther box office ticket sales within the month of February.

Attainable: I believe that the majority of us within North America truly believes in truth, equality, justice and the end of racism, and will turn out in massive numbers to demonstrate that fact to the world.

Relevant: With the most powerful man in the world today, who have the ability to bring back Jim Crow laws being labeled a racist should be a clarion call to all good people.

Timely: The world would not only be stronger, but better, if we put a stop to racism and there is no better time to start than this Black History Month.

Do your part by doing one or more of the listed activities below

It does not matter your town, city, state/province, country if the movie is there in February 2018 do one or more of the activities listed below.

List of Activities

  • On February 15th, 2018 go to see the Black Panther Movie
  • Invite your friends, family, and associates no matter where they are to do the same
  • During Black History Month, help raise awareness as well as add your voice to the struggles against racism by wearing a black ribbon.
  • Organize your own Black History Month Black Panther Movie group event (Remember to post it on this website)
  • Use social media to like, follow, and promote local BHM Black Panther Campaigns
  • Register on as well as check website for news and information
  • Support BHMBP Campaign Fundraisers! Make a donation to any mosque, church, organization or groups, that are participating in the campaign.
  • Anything not listed here that will positively further campaigns objective





It’s About us, It’s About Unity and It’s About Time!