Harlem activist starts a GoFundMe campaign to help kids see the ‘Black Panther’ movie

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Chadwick Boseman and Frederick Joseph (EllenTube screenshot)

Fredrick Joseph has started a GoFundMe campaign so kids in Harlem, New York, can go see the movie when it comes out next month.
And thanks to some big name celebrities, the “Wakanda Forever!” campaign is growing faster than a speeding bullet.
“I knew I wanted to do something for the children, especially of Harlem, because it was a community primarily of color,” Joseph, 29, told CNN. “I said to myself, how can I get as many children as possible to see this film and see themselves as a superhero or a king or queen?” “Representation and inclusion are legitimately essential pillars to creating dreams for yourself,” he added.
Within 10 days, the campaign has tripled its original goal of $10,000. More than 700 people have donated including Chelsea Clinton, director J.J. Abrams and ESPN anchor Jemele Hill.

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