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Community Activists launches campaigns to proclaimed the start of Black History Month

Ontario, January 1st, 2018 – To bring more awareness to Black History month (BHM), Marc Taylor, along with other community activists throughout North America are launching two BHM initiatives and in some cases giving free Black Panther movie tickets to youth.

“February 2018 marks the 23rd year of Black History Month (BHM) in Canada and the 48th year in the United States.  However, today we only need to watch and or listen to the news to know that racism is not only alive and well, but rapidly growing,” said Marc former organizer of Emancipation Day Celebration in Windsor & President of the Windsor District Black Coalition.

Reminded of a phrase, “The only time that evil will triumph is when good people stay silent and do nothing” a small group of citizens, concern about the noticeable increase in acts of racism created two Black History Month initiatives in November 2017: “This Black History Month, Take a Youth to see the Black Panther Movie Campaign” and “Wear a Black Ribbon during Black History month campaign.”  Since then they have been send emails to organizations throughout North America encouraging them to get involved.

The campaigns are a social movement of, by and for people of all colours that share the desire for truth, equality, justice for all and an end to racism. After all, no matter our colour we are one family! So on February 15th, as a simple and powerful way to raise awareness and for people of all colour to come together in solidarity, unity and add their voice to the fight against racism, we are asking everyone to go see the Black Panther movie and wear a black ribbon during Black History month.  This is the vision behind the BHM Campaigns.

I collected, Iron man, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Dare devil, Avengers, X-man, Defenders, Green Lantern, Moon Knight and many other comics.  However, the Black Panther comics with a black superhero had a strong positive, motivating and inspirational effect on me as a child.  It is our hope that our youth will be inspired, from seeing the comic book character that inspired us, brought to life on the big screen!

Youths need only to visit and click on the Free Ticket link to check to see if there are organizers offering free ticket in their cities.



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