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Black Panther is widely credited as the first black superhero to debut in mainstream comics. Although he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in April 1966, T’Challa wouldn’t actually star in his own comic book until 1973.

Black Panther rules over the most advanced country in the world

As T’Challa is the Chief of the Panther tribe, you might have imagined that makes Wakanda some remote, tribal country. Nope. On Marvel’s Earth, Wakanda is one of the most important countries on the planet, a leader in scientific and technological advances. The country is one of a handful of places where vibranium (the near-indestructible metal that Captain America’s shield is made of) can be found, and the country’s isolationist nature has ensured Wakanda is decades ahead of the likes of the US when it comes to a technological standpoint.



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