Ottawa Community Activists Sandra Bonaparte & Joan Robinson taking 100 Youths to the BP Movie

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Joan Robinson

Joan Robinson

Black History month is about having a new mindset

Black History Month to me is not only about our past as slaves and servants. It is not only about the Underground Railroad or the injustices we faced and continue to face. But it is about breaking those chains that bind us. It is about having a new mindset – a paradigm shift. It is about forging forward with renewed vision and hope for the future and setting an example for our young people so that they will have the determination and fortitude to be all they could be. It is his, her and our story of the successes that we have achieved and the impact we have had in shaping our future. Therefore, it is time to break off the shackles of indolence and mediocracy and purposefully create our destiny. That is why I am endeavouring to take 100 young people to see the Black Panther movie.

Wear a Black Ribbon during Black History month campaign

Wear a Black ribbon during Black History Month. A simple and powerful way to raise awareness, show Unity and add your voice to the struggles against racism. Wear yours with pride!


It’s About us, It’s About Unity and It’s About Time!