San Francisco African American Arts Culture Complex doing their part

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Marvel’s, “Black Pather,” is a great cinematic reflection of African Diasporic greatness. This film, unlike many other science fiction and action packed movies with 1 or 2 characters of color, depicts an entire cast of color. This afro representation in media is essential for youth of color to be exposed to their African history and retain positive images of blackness that goes beyond the prescribed drug dealer and tempest roles.

African American Art and Culture Complex in the Fillmore district of San Francisco, CA, is a beacon of restoring the African Diasporan culture through arts and activism.

You can find more information here:

With your contribution, we can continue our mission of empowerment, by supporting an African centered film and encouraging our youth to see themselves as royal superheroes.

Thank you all for joining in on this venture, please contact Ciara Swan at, for more information and concerns.


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